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xxxx - Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars Hacked (Cyclo DS Version) (USA)

Info: Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars Hacked (Cyclo DS Version) (USA)
Download: Uploaded | Load.To
Note: This is a special version for Cyclo DS

17 Replies :

Anonymous said...

dose not work on my cyclo, firmware v1.543b

Anonymous said...

Yes it worked thank you very much. Firmware 1.4(something)on edge ds

Anonymous said...

asks to save then goes blank on cyclo

Anonymous said...

Works fine with Cyclo v1.53

Shuttle said...

Check GBATemp for cheat codes if this doesn't work... Standard unhacked rom+cheat code = worked for me

Anonymous said...

i can say that it does not work on cyclo ds v 1.53 loads saves then dies

Anonymous said...

Real CycloDS version here (ARM9 only patched) (works with 1.54b4):

pass: g1mm3gt4

Anonymous said...

This version works smoothly on my SuperCard DS One SDHC with SP5. Saved missions loading correctly.

Anonymous said...

Mr. March 15, 2009 1:22 PM here...I did get a black screen on the firmware my cycloDS was born with (no idea what version) but updating to 1.53 got me past the black screen and I was fearing it properly wouldn't pass the save error..but it did! Only using a 2GB Sandisc card, no5 sure if that plays a factor...

Anonymous said...

ok all works fine on v 1.53 saves loads etc been playing for 12 hours no problems and a great game too

Anonymous said...

BTW this also works on edge card(not sure wat version or if edge has a version, im a newb =])

Anonymous said...

Working on dstt, passed "black screen syndrom" ;)

Anonymous said...

Works on firecard,btw europe version does NOT!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

so how do i fix the blank screen thing when saving in this game?? i always get that....=3=

Anonymous said...


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